SOLVED – Windows Vista: Office 2007 installation runs every time I start Word or Excel, and Excel has an error about stdole32.tlb?


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  1. Ferdinand Z. says:

    Thank you very much! It really solved my stdole32.tlb problem.

  2. DaDa says:

    Hello my friend, thank you very much, this is the best way to fix this problem … you are so smart. i visited 50 web and nobodys colud helpme… thanks again

  3. candu238 says:

    After daze of installs, uninstalls, weeks of waiting for config to finish, I am amazed. Thank You! All my Office software just POPS open. No lag, no thinking, no configuring, no sh1t.

    Note to Microsoft:

    fix known issues! The link to Aarons post goes back to Sept 2006, this is now Aug 2011! wth

    Thanks Again, this was making me mental.

  4. dvdgrl123 says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Worked perfectly, even for my computer with multiple user accounts. Thanks very much for a professional job! I’ve been trying to figure this out off and on for a few years–found your site, and it’s fixed in 30 minutes. Kudos.

  5. DN says:

    Thank God! Thank you, Andy!

    My 3 crazy days/nights working on this issue came to the end. This WORKED so well to “cure” my laptop.

    Again, thanks so much for your kind & miracle post.

  6. Sandeep Tyagi says:

    Does not work in Win-7 for MS-Excel-2007 as permissions dialog for HKEY LOCAL CLASS still holds no ownership. Also the above code for cmd file described by you terminates in win-7 in less than a second.

    In my case the problem is only associated with Excel whereas Word and powerpoint work flawlessely after modifying registry with dword NoReReg=1.
    Although, after setting the EXCEL to run with administer privledges in the properties dialog, i no more get any stdole32.tlh error but the f**king Excel always shows annoying reconfiguration wizard despite doing whatever you can. I am considering to replace MS-Office with Open to do away with the woes of bulls*it Microsoft product.

    I think the code should be remastered for windows seven.

  7. Nienke says:

    Thank you very much. After seaching 2 days fot the solution this solved it thank you thank you!!!

  8. Erica says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the clear concise directions. Easy to follow and fixed it perfectly on the first try! Much appreciation.

  9. Brian Pavitt says:

    I cannot paste the required office.cmd into the same directory as SubinACL as it says I don’t have permission to save in this location, no matter what I do. I am the administrator and have tried sharing all the folders but still to no avail.
    It gives me the option to save under my user name. Can I edit it there and achieve the desired result? It’s so frustrating not to able to get rid of this problem.
    I appreciate you will have many demands made on you but if you can spare time to help I would be very grateful.
    I am running 64bit Vista

  10. mgnc says:

    Hello Guys?
    I’m trying to resolve the same problem as above (vista installer keeps starting up on application load up), but it only occurs when I go to open visio pro 2007. All the other programmes are no problem (i.e. word/excel/access/powerpoint…etc). The permisisons window is as it should be for the hot key “…._classes_root” as above. Further the programme continues to crash. This has only just started yesterday? The only addin I have is Acrobat Pro PDFMaker.
    The only recent change has been the reestablishment of adobe acrobat within excel only (after a crash of excel the adobe addin dropped out of excel). I removed and then added the pdfmaker into “com add-inns”. I have been working through all manner of fixes from forums including repairing visio install from CD and then uninstalling and then reloading visio (this stopped the installer for kicking in but only for a little while) . The crashing is a far greater issue than the installer starting up.. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP

  11. pmw says:

    Thanks so much for this solution. Worked on my 64-bit Vista Home Premium system.

  12. Roscoe Ziemer says:

    My permissions are fine. I still get the vista excel 2007 stdole32.tlb error.
    I am, however, running vista 64 home premium. Any idea on a fix for me? Mine only happens every time I open Excel. Takes 5 to 10 minutes to “configure” before I can use excel

  13. Alfredo says:

    It doesn’t work in my win7 pro 64 bits. It’s a pitty I guess I’ll uninstall the office and re-install it.
    Thanks anyway, Very good tutorial

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