Bulb Energy Review


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  1. Brian says:

    Hi Andy, Great article. Switched loads of times since 1997. Our first supplier was Independent Energy, who sadly went into administration in 2000. They were owed £119 million by customers on their collapse. I’ve got to be honest we’ve been extremely lucky in that we haven’t experienced and issues with any of our suppliers. If i hadn’t just changed Electricity Suppliers i would have went with Bulb

  2. Gav Knight says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for a very detailed and informative overview of
    your experiences with Bulb, which after reading, has prompted me to switch to them, as my current energy provider has just hiked up their prices!

    • Andy says:

      Hi Gav.
      I dont think you will be disappointed. I think all energy providers have increased prices recently, so do check the current tariffs with Bulb, but I seem to remember the increase was a lot smaller than some of the big providers, because Bulb buy energy well in advance and can ride the ups and downs a little better.

  3. James says:

    Comprehensive review, thanks Andy. I was considering switching to Bulb and you’ve now convinced me. I’m happy to use your referral link in return for the effort you’ve put in!

    • Andy says:

      Hi James
      I can honestly say I haven’t regretted it one bit. I love the Bulb operate. Oh, and thanks for using my referral link. You will also get a £50 credit to your account. Let me know how it goes.

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